Thanking Veterans for their Service and Sacrifice Everyday, Every Where

Our One and Only Mission

Our Mission is simple, to say "Thank You" and show appreciation to every veteran that we can.   Regardless of when they served, where they served or how they served.  

We believe that if you were man or woman enough to put on a uniform with an American Flag on your shoulder and know that you may one day have to risk your life for this country and those whom you love, you deserve to be thanked for your service to our country.

Actually, you deserve more than this.  We wish it was in our power to do more.  Maybe one day we will.  Why?  Because, you were willing to give it all and some have done just that.  Some went and the only thing that they came back with were memories. Some never came back, just the memory of the person that gave the ultimate sacrifice. We can go on and on about why.  Yet, we want every Veteran to know that they are not forgotten and appreciated.

Again, Thank You For Your Service and Sacrifice You Are Appreciated,  Today and Always"
Did you know that we lose 22 Veterans a day to suicide?  #22ADAY


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This is a Thank You Packet, we call them TYPs for short. The TYP consist of a Thank You Card, Dog Tag and Envelope.  

The Dog Tag reads: 
 "Thank You For Your Service and Sacrifice You Are Appreciated".  

We have been fortunate to award these to over 13,000 veterans around the world since we began this mission in November 2012.

It is our mission to award these Thank You Packets to every veteran that we can, free of charge via family, friends, in person, organizations, associations and through the mail.

If you have a Veteran(s) in your life that you would like to award a TYP to, please email us at ( Provide us with a Name and mailing address for your Veteran(s) and we will be happy to forward a TYP to them or we will be happy to send it to you and you can award your Veteran(s) personally. (We do not keep or sell your Veteran(s) information for future mailings).

If you are a company or organization and have Veterans that you want to show your appreciation by awarding them TYP's.  Contact us via email or U.S. Mail with your request and we will be happy to provide them.  (Large request are filled as we have the TYP's available. )

Would you like to help us with our mission?
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