Thanking Veterans for their Service and Sacrifice Everyday, Every Where
How We Make It Happen

Mission Funding



Since we began this mission, we have been fortunate to have many individuals and groups that share our passion for showing appreciation for our Veterans. They have been a great resource in reaching as many Veterans as possible. We owe a large part of our success to them.  

We supply various individuals with TYP's that they award to Veterans during their day-to-day activities.  

For Profit and Non Profit organizations contact us and request large numbers of our TYPs to award to their employees, members and just those whom they wish to show appreciation for their service to our country.

We have been fortunate to distritbute TYPs from coast to coast via in person contact, request from family and friends and via the U.S. Mail. 

We will send 1 or 500. Just depending on the availability of TYPs and the funds to ship them.

We are happy to report that we have never been unable to fill a request for TYPs .  We take that as a sign that our mission is relevant. 
80% of the funds for this mission are provided by the founder of    By contributing 10%  his career salary, 10% from his pay from his comedy shows (Yes, he is a Professional Stand Up Comedian ) and 100% of his merchandise sales go towards the mission. The other 20% of his merchandise sales go towards reproduction of his merchandise. 

The other 20% comes from contributions from individuals and organizations that like you that share the same passion he does for saying "Thank You" to our Veterans.

One of our largest contributors to our mission has been the Midwest Military Salute, Quincy, Illinois.  They have been a constant supporter of our mission since it's inception.

We have also been the recipent of donations from various other 
military and non-military based organizations.   Thank You Greatly for your support.

Dave Ulrich - Charlene Fink  - Dave McDowell - Henry Buchanan -Lois Clark - Rita Boulware - Marieda Joyner - Bob Havermale - Deron Johnson - Buddah Eskew -Nanette Albert - Jamie Price - Mark Mc Laughlin - Jerome Gindra - Angela Elleby - Robb Will - Missi Musgrove Devan - Richard Elsenpeter, Steven Nelson and countless other that have contributed namelessly . 


Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, Granite Falls, N.C.

American Legion Auxiliary
Valdese, N.C.

Vietnam Veterans Association
Florissant, Missouri

Disabled American Veterans Unit 84
Taylorsville, N.C.

Vietnam Veterans of America
Mid Rivers Chapter 458
O'Fallon, Missouri

Firestone - St Louis District
Arnold, Missouri

Fishing For Freedom
Quincy, Illinois

Mid-America Military Salute
Quincy, Illinois

Would you like to help us with our mission?
100% of our donations go toward furthering our mission.