Thanking Veterans for their Service and Sacrifice Everyday, Every Where

The Founder

​Vernon E. Davis, II is the creator of Vernon is an Army Veteran, with a family history going back four generations of U.S. military heritage.

Vernon is a Stand Up Comedian that performs under his stage name Longhorn The Comedian, he travels the United States (3 tours of Germany to entertain the U.S. Troops) performing in various clubs, venues and military bases for all types of comedy audiences. At every show, he does a tribute to our Military Veterans for their service and sacrifice.

One night while leaving an event, he began thinking how can he do more to show the Veterans that not only does he appreciate them and their service, but so do others? The idea to give them something that will be a daily reminder that they are not forgotten and they are appreciated was born.

Vernon / Longhorn came up with the "Thank You For Your Service" military dog tags and Thank You Cards. The plan is to award these free of charge at every event that he performs at to veterans and veteran family members as a token of not only his appreciation but those that support this project. That idea evolved into awarding them to every veteran that he encountered.
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